PROTILES makes the SCRABBLE tiles preferred by expert players worldwide

Mail Bag

Our SCRABBLE group, which plays on a daily basis, has enjoyed playing the game with PROTILES.
--L.S., New Jersey

In my opinion, your tiles are the best I have seen on the market.
--G.T., Ontario, CANADA

I have received the replacement tiles . . . it is commendable that entrepreneurs like yourself are keeping true to the guarantees given!
--K.M., Malaysia

I like your PROTILES -- I love tiles of different colors. PROTILES are attractive. Good job designing!
--M.R., Michigan

Thanks for the great service. The new white on black PROTILES look great on my black lucite board.
--C.B., Washington

World Class PROTILES feel more substantial . . . with a more sensory tactile experience to the fingers. This is a huge plus . . . removing the tiles is made more enjoyable and less time consuming.
--J.E., New York

I love my PROTILES. I plan to order several sets for gifts.
--J.H., Florida

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